Lane's Run Business Park

The Lane’s Run Business Park is a publicly owned and funded business, manufacturing, research and technology park located in Georgetown and Scott County., Kentucky. The park encompasses almost 500 acres divided into two primary land uses: Light Industrial with enhanced design standards and Business Park which will encourage technology, research & development, office and other compatible uses.

 The objective of the Lane’s Run Business Park is to provide for a greater diversity of businesses and manufacturing in the community at an affordable price. Phase I of the park is complete and land is being sold to appropriate land users. 

Information on how to become a partner with the Georgetown Business Park Authority can be obtained by connecting to the available related links or contacting the Georgetown/Scott County Chamber of Commerce (502-863-5424) or the Georgetown/Scott County Planning Commission (502-867-3701). Currently the Lane’s Run Business Park has sold property and clients are occupying new facilities.

For more information:

Georgetown - Scott County Planning Commission

Georgetown / Scott County Chamber of Commerce

Think Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development

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